Fill Your Home With the Tools You Need to Keep Your Smile Healthy

Your body needs special care to stay healthy as we age. Your smile is no different. Without the required materials, you could let your smile fall into decay and result in adverse and painful effects. That is why keeping your oral health in excellent health is essential to your smile.... Read more »

Understanding Sensitive Teeth

Do you wish you knew why hot or cold food and drinks were causing you pain? If so, then we can help you! Sensitive teeth are a common condition that can trigger pain in your teeth. There are many things that can cause this condition, however in all cases having... Read more »

Saving Your Smile from Mouth Jewelry

If you wish to improve your smile through the use of lifestyle choices, implement the necessary treatments to keep your smile safe by avoiding unhealthy lifestyle habits. It's important that you protect your smile from risks that can wear down your teeth and gums. To help better protect your smile,... Read more »

Learn More About Cold and Flu Season

To minimize the risk for dental damage, you need to have effective prevention plans in place throughout your life. One potential risk that most individuals will encounter is the increased dental risk associated with being sick. During cold and flu season, have a you should have a plan in place... Read more »

Dental Erosion, Cavity Prevention and Your Oral Health

Do you often find yourself suffering from cavities? Do you routinely find your teeth feeling extra sensitive or susceptible to damage? If so, you may be suffering from cavities and dental erosion due to several risk factors in your life. In order to keep your smile safe, it is important... Read more »

Multiple Teeth Lost to Cavities Replaced by a Partial Denture

Individuals who skip their dental checkups or do not brush and floss on a regular basis are at increased risk of suffering from tooth decay and gum disease. In some of these cases, untreated cavities can lead to the loss of multiple teeth. Rather than trying to live with lost... Read more »

Make Sure Your Child’s Toothpaste Is Recognized by the American Dental Association

It’s important to note that you can start brushing and flossing your child’s teeth as soon as they emerge from the gums. Not only is this important for maintaining the health of their mouth, but it is also an essential first step toward instilling the kind of good oral hygiene... Read more »

A Regularly Scheduled Dental Checkup Is Critical for Maintaining a Healthy Mouth

The health of your mouth and your basic oral functions rely on several different factors. These factors impact your teeth, gums, tongue, throat, and other soft oral tissues. If any of the parts of your mouth are compromised by tooth decay, periodontal disease, infection, or oral cancer you can experience significant... Read more »

Is Teeth Whitening Right for My Smile?

If you have attempted to whiten your teeth in the past, but have been disappointed with the outcome, you may be wondering what else you could try or if teeth whitening is even right for your smile. To help you achieve a smile you love, our dentist and team offer... Read more »

Visit Your Dentist About Tooth Hazard Treatments

  Not only should you prepare for tooth hazards that can potentially cause dental damage, but you should also have treatment plans ready if an accident or any type of oral injury should arise. This is important because the key to recovery often depends on the first few moments after... Read more »