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If you have attempted to whiten your teeth in the past, but have been disappointed with the outcome, you may be wondering what else you could try or if teeth whitening is even right for your smile. To help you achieve a smile you love, our dentist and team offer a few options for enhancing the color of your smile, depending on the different types of tooth stains.

There are two main types of stains that can affect your smile: extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic stains develop on the tooth enamel, which is the hard outer layer on the teeth. A simple whitening procedure can typically treat these stains, which are often caused by:

– Highly pigmented foods such as candy or berries
– Drinks like colas, tea, or coffees
– Smoking or chewing tobacco in any manner

An intrinsic tooth stain is a stain that affects the inner layers of your teeth. Because your tooth enamel is clear, these stains can be visible, especially if the tooth enamel is worn away. Intrinsic stains can be the result of:

– Fluorosis, which is a condition caused by exposure to too much fluoride at a young age
– Trauma cause by hitting your tooth that results in the tooth darkening
– Certain medications that darken your teeth

While simple bleaching procedures can’t remove internal stains, Dr. Bruce Speake can offer alternative cosmetic solutions such as dental bonding, veneers, or crowns. Your cosmetic whitening treatment will be based on your unique circumstances and preferred results.

If you have any questions about teeth whitening in Topeka, Kansas, please feel free to call Bruce Speake DDS PA at 785-267-6301 soon. We look forward to helping you achieve a gorgeous smile!