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If you wish to improve your smile through the use of lifestyle choices, implement the necessary treatments to keep your smile safe by avoiding unhealthy lifestyle habits. It’s important that you protect your smile from risks that can wear down your teeth and gums. To help better protect your smile, avoid products such as mouth jewelry, as they can lead to the following oral health risks:

– Mouth jewelry is a known risk factor because it often contains hard pieces that can easily bash around in your mouth and cause chips or cracks to your teeth.

– Mount drawer is known to cause infections due to open wounds that can occur. Serious infections such as hepatitis and endocarditis are possible through lip and tongue rings.

– Lip rings are notorious for causing nerve damage because they can easily be placed improperly. They can also lead to burst vessels at the same time.

– If any of the small pieces break off of your mouth jewelry, they can become instant choking hazards.

– The presence of mouth jewelry can make it more difficult to clean your mouth on a daily basis.

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