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Not only should you prepare for tooth hazards that can potentially cause dental damage, but you should also have treatment plans ready if an accident or any type of oral injury should arise. This is important because the key to recovery often depends on the first few moments after an oral emergency. In addition, if you do suffer any kind of dental damage, it’s always a good idea to be prepared with the necessary treatments in place.

An often-overlooked tooth hazard that can arise at any time is due to tongue piercings. In order to pierce your tongue, you have to bypass numerous blood vessels and nerves, which are not always easy to find. This can lead to nerve damage and broken blood vessels. In addition, choking hazards can arise from tongue piercings, as well as infectious diseases and chipped and cracked teeth.

If you wish to protect your smile against the dangers tooth hazards can arise, be aware of the risk posed by dental damage in the form of oral accidents and injuries. To help protect against blunt trauma, oral appliances such as mouth guards can be used. Speak with your dentist about receiving a customizable mouth guard to help keep your teeth safe.

If you don’t want to spend your week being fitted for a tooth replacement, always exercise caution with hard products. This includes chewing on ice, hard candies or other over-the-top or chewy substances that may be too hard to bite into. Even if you have been able to bite into them successfully in the past, your teeth may have weakened over time, and it can lead to severe dental damage if you bite into them now. To avoid chipping or cracking teeth or tooth loss, avoid biting directly into hard products.

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